About SemiDevices

SemiDevices was founded in 2008 and the company’s activity is based on the OEM/ODM manufacturer business model. Our primary focus is to create competitive electronic products through involvement of the best engineers and managers in the field. SemiDevices offers OEM/ODM products based on a state-of-the-art elements base and cutting-edge technologies.

OEM solutions

OEM solutions by SemiDevices is called to help end product manufacturers optimize their time to market and give their products a competitive edge in technology and functionality. The OEM products we offer include processor modules, interface boards and development kit for quick prototyping and developing new products. The line of OEM modules helps develop a variety of solutions, such as multimedia and gaming products, flatbed digital devices, automation system components, medical equipment, security system devices, onboard equipment, measuring devices and other products.

ODM products

ODM products by SemiDevices are targeted primarily at new fast-growing markets, and the range of products we manufacture includes electronic products for navigation, active recreation, digital television, technological solutions for security systems and many others. By offering ODM products we try to reduce our customers’ expenses related to developing their own original solutions and launching their production. In addition, our reliable partners can help redesign any ODM product in the shortest possible time to meet customer-specific requirements:

  • modify or create a unique plastic enclosure solution
  • develop an original user interface
  • integrate existing solutions and create service programs

Working on the OEM/ODM products market, we use all our time and efforts to create highly competitive electronics. Our customers can focus on their sales strategies and brand development techniques, leaving to us the whole job of manufacturing their products.