Kitel-2011: SemiDevices’ Workshop. Results

A workshop Individual Solutions, Additional Benefits. Let's go!  was held on May 27 as a part of Kitel-2011 (Kazakhstan). This event was organized by OEM-producer SemiDevices as well as Promwad company and AK-Systems.

As it was mentioned earlier, the key topics of the reports covered custom electronic development, OEM-production and solutions for digital TV (IPTV) and datacom. Such business areas draw particular interest of system integrators and producers of terminal equipment. It is worth noticing that this workshop has become the main reason for some attendees to visit Kitel-2011.

SemiDevices has rare experience in designing and producing new devices for the Russian market (sectors: digital TV and e-books). Company specialists set partner relationships with a wide range of components suppliers and electronics producers in the CIS and South East Asia. Now this experience can be widely used on the Kazakh market.