PCBs Manufacturing for 5D Movie Theaters

Project Type

Manufacturing of PCBs for a 5D cinema theater, batches of 30 to 60 devices (small-batch manufacturing).


AET Entertainment Technologies is a developer and supplier of animatronics (robotized models) and stage sets for entertainment and shopping centers, theme parks.

PCB Description

PCBs are designed for the hardware and software platform of 5D cinema theaters. They are used to control mobile platform motors and special effects generators.


The project involved the manufacturing of two-layer single-sided PCBs, which were accepted according to IPC standards. SMD components were mounted on an automatic mounting line with optical control at the output. All boards were marked and subjected to visual and electrical inspection.

Also, the product was flashed with software. A number of tests were performed on a special stand to ensure the performance efficiency of the board.

The project involved the optimization of manufacturing and logistics processes for small-batch production on a tight schedule. The time of turnkey production of one batch (PCB manufacturing and logistics, purchasing and logistics of a list of components, mounting, quality control and testing) is 25 business days.