Description of PAGEone

PAGEone is designed as a user-friendly device for reading (without overkill functionality). It features the e-ink technology, the best environmentally-friendly solution for comfortable display of text and minimal eye strain. A clear and sharp image is generated using reflected light, like in a traditional paper book.

Long battery life without recharge (battery capacity: 2,200 mA/h) will allow the reader to plunge into the book world for a long time. Before PAGEone completes its journey through the pages, a user will have time to read from 5, 000 to 15,000 pages.

This e-book device from SemiDevices makes it possible to carry a whole library in your pocket. In addition to 2 GB built-in memory, the device has a Micro SD slot, which helps extend the total amount of stored information up to 18 GB.

The PAGEone software aims to provide maximum comfort. By adjusting the settings, the user can choose between high speed and image quality. Also, the device features support for most common text formats: ePub, PDF, CHM, TXT, HTML, FB2, Plucker, RTF, ZIP, etc. Additionally, the device users can view images and listen to audio books (the device is fitted with a headphone jack).

The whole set of listed benefits is packaged in an attractive enclosure: the front panel is made of aluminum, while the rear one is made out of glossy plastic. The total weight of the reader is just 200 grams (battery included). А leather case with elastic straps for easy control of the device with one hand is included in the set.