PAGEone E-Book Reader

Project type

Creation and promotion of the e-book device in the middle price range. The target market is mass markets in the CIS countries.

Product description

PAGEone: a 6-inch screen, e-ink.

Displays up to 15,000 pages during battery life, supports SD memory cards, works with 17 popular e-book, audio and image formats.

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1. Positioning PAGEone as a simple e-book device. Light and ergonomic enclosure, long battery life, eco-friendly e-ink screen, an easy-to-use interface without excessive functionality.

2. Ensuring a high quality of the product. The product’s enclosure is made of expensive materials (textured aluminum, durable plastic). High-grade assembly, class A+ screen. High-quality practical accessories included.

3. Full control of software development. The product’s firmware (fully in Russian) was developed within the company and is regularly updated. The development process ensured the product’s error-free and smooth operation and usability compliance.

4. Working with the product’s users. Interaction with customers includes the PAGEone promotional website, the product’s user community, customer feedback and tech support.

5. Setting up the product’s promotion in large distribution networks in Russia.

One of the goals at the start of the project was to develop and launch into the market the world’s most compact e-book device with a 6-inch screen. This goal was successfully achieved. Upon completion of the project, a finished high-quality product was created, which effectively found its niche and received due attention from users and the mass media.

In the future, SemiDevices plans to develop the PAGEone line of readers as well as create specialized accessories.

PAGEone website: (in Russian only)