Manufacturing of PCBs for a 5D Movie Theater

Small-batch manufacturing of PCBs for a 5D cinema theater by AET Entertainment Technologies. Several batches, from 30 to 60 two-layer single-sided PCBs have been manufactured. They have been flashed with software. Finished products have been successfully accepted according to IPC standards.

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PAGEone Reader (6", E-ink)

Creation and promotion of PAGEone in the mass markets of the CIS countries in the middle price range.

The following tasks have been performed under the project: positioning of the device to ensure the product’s high quality, software development control, as well as working with users and large distribution networks.

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HDMI-CEC Ethernet Gateway

This device provides control of a home multimedia (home theater system + tuner+ video recorder and other HDMI interface devices). The setup is managed through the Ethernet network using remote control, a PC or other wired devices. The Ethernet gateway takes minimum time and effort to configure and integrate into a smart home control center.


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STB board prototypes

A project for an external customer from the Russian Federation involved the manufacturing of DVB-T STB board prototypes. SemiDevices experts manufactured PCBs, purchased STB components and assembled STB prototypes. Finished boards were successfully tested.

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