SemiDevices helps its customers to create successful commercial electronic products for small-, medium- and large-scale production. We are ready to work with you at all stages of creating a product with your brand on it.

At the production stage, you may use our manufactirung services in CIS countries and South-East Asia (upwards of 1 unit):

One of the SemiDevices priority areas is ОЕМ/ODM projects. The ОЕМ/ODM business models enables development of new products under a target brand on the basis of hardware modules, ready-made devices or design documentation (including custom plastic enclosures design).

We also work in testing software and hardware for our customers on the factory floor and before release, assessing the quality of OEM products and preparing these products for certification.

You can use our consulting services to gain expertise in creating new electronic products and handling production issues.

We offer predictable costs and perfect timing. When necessary our experts help you to prepare and estimate a bill of material (BOM), to optimize costs and supply time.

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