Implementation of OEM/ODM projects

An OEM (original equipment manufacturer) project in electronics is the development of a new product under your own brand name using hardware modules or completed devices by third-party manufacturers. Such a business model considerably reduces the time to market.  

An ODM (original design manufacturer) project in electronics is the production of an electronic device based on an original design and using the customer's design documentation.

We are ready to carry out an OEM/ODM projects on a turnkey basis, taking over all the project stages:

  • review and analysis a hardware base for the new device
  • selection of a ready-made hardware solution
  • ordering embedded software
  • manufacturing an enclosure or supplying a ready-made enclosure
  • arranging component supplies
  • product testing and branding
  • production launch

Upon completion of an OEM/ODM projects, you will be able to order a device in the CIS countries or South-East Asia. We work only with trusted manufacturers that ensure high quality levels and compliance with deadlines. To reduce risks and cut costs, you may start with small-scale production or prototyping to launch a pilot batch of the device.

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