Preproduction prototyping

Limited time
Manufacturing upwards of one unit
Lowest possible budget
Manufacturing prototypes of any complexity

Prototyping is an integral part of the development of a new electronic product. A completed device may be used for performance check, testing, demonstration to potential investors and other purposes.

This service is in high demand for electronics design centers, private developers, research institutions and R&D departments. However, most manufacturers of electronic devices do not engage in prototyping because it is associated with a sharp increase in overhead costs per unit.

SemiDevices introduced special processes which help launch a project for manufacturing prototypes of any complexity. Our experience has proved that the services of specialized manufacturers in the CIS countries and South-East Asia help optimize and cut overhead costs, ensuring high quality and compliance with order deadlines.

We offer manufacturing of any prototype batch within a limited time and the lowest possible budget. Our specialists are engaged in:

  • purchase of electronic components, according to BOM
  • PCB / enclosure manufacturing
  • PCB mounting
  • testing of finished devices

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