Small-scale production

Limited time
Manufacturing of any batch
Production of any complexity
Production in the CIS countries and South-East Asia

Small-scale production is production of 50 to 1000 units of an electronic device that will allow you to launch a pilot batch of the product with minimum expenditures and risks.

Small-scale production places special demands on manufacturers, requiring them to be flexible, promptly adjust production processes and meet tight deadlines. Not all manufacturers of electronic devices engage in manufacturing batches of up to 1,000 units because it is associated with a sharp increase in overhead costs per unit.

We work only with trusted manufacturers in the CIS countries and South-East Asia that guarantee high quality levels and compliance with deadlines.

SemiDevices experts develop an effective pattern of delivery of electronic components and launch the production of your device on a small scale under the supervision of our manufacturing engineers and managers.

SemiDevices is also ready to provide the development of an electronic device and then launch its production.

Contact SemiDevices managers for additional information.