Quality Assurance

The testing of software and hardware electronic components as well as ergonomic testing are important stages in developing a new device and selecting a proper OEM platform. The reliability and user friendliness of your product depends to a large extent on whether or not it was properly and fully tested.

Testing is important for mass consumer products and PARTICULARLY important for complex consumer electronics. Testing enables detection of software or hardware errors and evaluation of performance for compliance with the specifications. Using the knowledge and experience of our experts, you will be able to minimize your risks through after sale testing and successfully introduce your new products.

SemiDevices experts provide the following testing services:

  • Presale testing. Independent audit of product ergonomics, assessment of the quality of product documentation and the electronic product itself before the start of mass production.  
  • Software testing for compliance with existing requirements and standards, user friendliness, error-free operation and stability.
  • OEM platform testing to verify the stated specifications, test workmanship quality and identify potential problems.
  • Industrial testing. Development of tests and parameters for quality control on the factory floor. Automated or manual tests of the product’s functionality ensure that every unit of the produced device is in full compliance with quality control requirements.
  • Certification testing. Tests before applying for national or international certification.

As a result, you have a tested device or an electronic module, sets of functional tests for use on the factory floor as well as ready-made test programs and detailed expert reports.

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